Documentary filmmaker Goran Maršalek: My story with EDIUS

The series of user stories continues. After the portrait of the media department of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, now there is a detailed report by Goran Maršalek, experienced documentary filmmaker and longtime EDIUS user from Croatia. On EDIUS.NET the film author, producer und cutter writes about his passion for documentary films – and for working with EDIUS. At Easter 2021, the Croatian national TV channel “HTV” aired Goran Maršalek’s elaborate documentary film “Storm of the Soul“ at prime time. The latest user report on EDIUS.NET covers working on this documentary and the reliable workflow with EDIUS.

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Storm of the Soul

EDIUS version 9.55.7303 released

Grass Valley has decided to release an update to EDIUS version 9. The update includes several new features and fixes a couple of bugs. Details regarding this update can be found in the EDIUS version 9.55.7303 release notes.

Download EDIUS version 9.55.7303

EDIUS X version 10.10.7266 released

This small update to EDIUS X version 10.10.7266 fixes a couple of bugs. Details regarding this update can be found in the EDIUS X version 10.10.7266 release notes.

Download EDIUS X version 10.10.7266

The Berliner Philharmoniker, the Digital Concert Hall and EDIUS

Also during the time of the Corona Pandemic, the media team of the Berliner Philharmoniker produces a large number of concerts available to the worldwide subscribers of the “Digital Concert Hall” – recorded with up to nine cameras and being streamed with an excellent 4K HDR HLG quality with 96 KHz/24 bit audio. Creative producer Christoph Franke takes us behind the scenes and describes the highly efficient workflow with EDIUS being a key factor.

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EDIUS best tested video editor: “the new No. 1”

Germany’s leading magazine for video technology „videoaktiv“ intensively checked EDIUS and declared it to be the reference solution compared to all tested NLEs.

“Editing with Grass Valley EDIUS X Pro / Best ranking: the new No. 1” titles “videoaktiv” on the first page of its 01/2021 release. We very much appreciate the comprehensive test and evaluation. The article is now available in English for free download at