EDIUS X Version 10.10.7056 released

This update to version 10.10.7056 contains a few bug fixes for the audio view on the timeline.
Details regarding this update can be found in the EDIUS 10.10.7056 release notes.

Download EDIUS X version 10.10.7056

EDIUS X Version 10.10.6828 released

This update to EDIUS X version 10.10.6828 fixes the following bug: “Cannot connect the service when launching EDIUS”. Details regarding this update can be found in the EDIUS 10.10.6828 release notes.

Download EDIUS X version 10.10.6828

EDIUS X Version 10.10 released

Grass Valley today releases EDIUS X version 10.10. A number of useful functions have been added to the software and several bugs fixed. As always, EDIUS X users receive the update to version 10.10 free of charge.

Here you can download the new EDIUS X version 10.10 directly. This version includes the following new features:

  • Motion Tracking supports scale and rotation – EDIUS X is now able to use the scaling and rotation tracking information and transfer it to the attached or anchored object.

  • Render and Add to Timeline, Between In/Out – this option (initially excluded in EDIUS X) is now available again.

  • Thumbnail display in marker window.

  • Easy cancellation of multiple jobs  in the GV monitor.

  • Support of Skin Tone line in Vector scope – EDIUS X now adds a skin tone line in the Vector scope that allows you to measure the colour of the skin.

In the Release Notes and in our podcast you find more information about the new functions.


EDIUS X version 10.00.6653 released

This small update to EDIUS X version 10.00.6653 fixes a couple of bugs. Details regarding this update can be found in the EDIUS X version 10.00.6653 release notes.

Download EDIUS X version 10.00.6653

EDIUS X Launch


EDIUS X will be released on 15th September at 15:00 UTC*. Please join the livestream presenting the new great features making EDIUS X the start into a new era of non-linear editing. The event is held in English with French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Dutch and Japanese subtitles.

Watch the Event live here: EDIUS.NET/x

15:00 UTC*: Los Angeles 08:00 AM | New York 11:00 AM | London 16:00 | Paris: 17:00 | Berlin 17:00 | Moscow 18:00 | Beijing 23:00 | Tokyo 00:00

EDIUS X Top Features
Please also have a look at our three recorded EDIUS Preview livestream videos in which the expert EDIUS teams from Grass Valley and EDIUS.NET present the top features in EDIUS X. In these videos, with subtitles in many languages, the new Core of EDIUS, the new Audio Optimization possibilities and the great new Effects such as seamless transitions are explained in detail. Watch the videos here: www.EDIUS.NET/x