Special prices for NewBlue Titler Pro 7, Titler Pro 7 Ultimate or NewBlue TotalFX 7 are available exclusively for EDIUS 11 users. These and other plug-in offers can be found at your local EDIUS reseller or directly in the online shop.


EDIUS 11 includes both the Grass Valley QuickTitler for easy titling and the new VisDom VisTitler 3.0 Express. For users who have used Titler Pro 7 in EDIUS X and would now like to use it in EDIUS 11, there is a special price or also attractive upgrade conditions to the even more comprehensive Ultimate version or to the complete TotalFX 7 package from NewBlue, which also includes all effect filters and transitions in addition to Titler Pro 7 Ultimate.

NewBlue Titler Pro 7 is a comprehensive and versatile title program. It is based on the fundamentally revised NTX engine, which offers optimized performance and great flexibility in the workflow. Thanks to efficient compression, the titles require less storage space and are even more efficient. Here you clearly notice the experience of the American software manufacturer NewBlue, which also offers title programs for live use in the broadcast sector.

The intelligent workflow allows uncomplicated adjustments and changes even in the last minute. Thanks to the “Multi-Title-Management” and the “Elastic Timeline”, project-wide graphics adjustments and changes can be made in a fraction of the time otherwise required.

Elastic Timeline: Should a title be shortened or extended? With the Titler Pro 7 and a few mouse clicks, you can easily bring the title to the desired length. The intro and outro sequences are automatically adjusted. This eliminates any further cumbersome editing step on the timeline and the title can be played immediately without rendering. By the way, titles with different lengths but the same design can also be created on the timeline.

Elastic Timeline Pro:

With Titler Pro 7 from NewBlue you can create professional titles quickly and comfortably. Over 500 or 700 templates (Titler Pro7 +500 templates / Titler Pro 7 Ultimate +700 templates) are available, including hundreds of new designs, to help you find the optimal design for your current project. Of course, objects, colors and animations can be adapted and customized according to your ideas.

Over 500/700 templates, individually customizable:

The intuitive user interface also allows you to create your own designs, which can be implemented creatively and easily using prepared animation and effect templates. But what if suddenly a long double name or functional title - for example within a lower third - no longer fits the background of the prepared graphic? With other programs, you would probably have to switch to a smaller font size, which often seems very unsteady. Titler Pro 7 easily scales the linked background graphics to the required size - no further adjustments are required and the font size remains the same for all titles!

Automatic scaling:

The roll title function of Titler Pro 7 is another example of maximum convenience and versatility. The roll title function impresses with its simple operation and particularly high-quality flicker-free display. You do not have to laboriously calculate the duration of a title or merge several text documents. Instead, you design your desired roll title comfortably and menu-based. You simply define the desired column width, enter your text and determine the desired duration of your title. Titler Pro 7 will then do the implementation for you.

Rolling credits - simply perfect:

Have you also often wanted to use different styles in a text field, be it in the text size in the color or other attributes? For example, you could display the first name differently from the last name in a row of a lower third. "Style Breaks" is the name of the new formatting function of Titler Pro 7, which makes this possible without problems and also speeding up the workflow.

Different styles in one line? Style Breaks makes it possible:

In the current version Pro 7, the NewBlue Titler is an optimal solution for all editors who want to achieve a professional look in the shortest possible time. Many features, including the revised undo functionality and the great efficiency in editing and adapting (sub) titles, ensure a fast workflow and an excellent result - and all this at an attractive upgrade price!


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