No doubt, EDIUS offers all kind of functions which are essential for video editing. But even beyond this EDIUS often sets standards - for example when it comes to intuitive multi camera editing or editing and exporting different formats and codecs natively in high quality.

However even such a powerful software like EDIUS cannot cover all additional functions, as different users set different priorities.

Stand-Alone-software for creating animations, graphics or titles offer solutions for almost every application. Nevertheless such programs have a big disadvantage - they have to be operated outside EDIUS. Therefore an efficient workflow between the software and EDIUS does not exist - you have to export and import files to exchange them.

Often this leads to a trial and error process till the graphics or texts are final.

But it also happens that both software constrain each other which can result in error messages or software crashes. This might happen when a file, which is already in use in EDIUS, has to be edited again.

  • But wouldn't it be much more comfortable to edit a complex subtitle within EDIUS only - and at the same time see a preview of the timeline - instead of switching to an external software?
  • Animations as well as graphics could be placed and trimmed much more accurate if one could see the actual timeline at once.
  • A lot of time could be saved if one could fix picture or audio errors immediately without exporting temporal files and switch between software.

Hence there are a lot of advantages of editing complex title animations, video filters and transitions within EDIUS only. 

All parameters can be changed - often in realtime - anytime within an EDIUS project. You do not only save a lot of space on your hard drive but also time and energy.

By using EDIUS in combination with the following plug-ins you can realize your creative ideas fast, effective and in best quality. Get inspired!