Livestream events on 16th July and 20th August 2020

In three livestream events the expert EDIUS teams from Grass Valley and EDIUS.NET presents a preview of the top features in EDIUS X. The events are held in English with French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch subtitles.

Watch the Livestream here: EDIUS.NET/X

Part II – Audio 16th July 2020 (15:00 UTC*)

Part III – Effects 20th August 2020 (15:00 UTC*)

*15:00 UTC:
Los Angeles 08:00 AM
New York 11:00 AM
London 16:00
Paris: 17:00
Berlin 17:00
Moscow 18:00
Beijing 23:00
Tokyo 00:00

Part I – Core, took place in June 2020. Watch the recorded livestream here: EDIUS.NET/X