HD-SDI Input/Output and HDMI Output for EDIUS

STORM Pro Card 2

Editors of broadcast-quality programs require a means to preview and evaluate their video and audio in the best quality possible. Users in a file-based, networked environment often don’t need to ingest baseband video or audio, but still want to preview projects at the same quality level as the final, delivered output. STORM Pro hardware provides the means to do this.

When used in conjunction with EDIUS editing software (purchased separately), the PCI Express-based STORM Pro empowers you with a constantly synched, full-resolution preview of effects and content directly from the timeline.


Also available as Bay Version


3G-SDI I/O with HDMI Monitoring Output for EDIUS


STORM 3G is designed for video professionals who want one solution for both SDI-based editing and tapeless workflows, with the capability to preview their projects on affordable HDMI monitors. Based on the PCI Express form factor, the STORM 3G solution has 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, and an HDMI output for full-resolution, real-time preview monitoring. Embedded 3G-SDI audio provides high-quality audio monitoring. It’s a premium, high-powered solution for multi-format editing with the EDIUS NLE (purchased separately).


Legacy cards are not officially being supported by EDIUS X anymore. Nevertheless they work without a problem with an older EDIUS 7/8/9 version:

Support for EDIUS 7 and EDIUS 8 (for EDIUS 8, please use this driver - without official support)

  • HD Storm: HDMI in/out + Audio out
  • HD Storm Plus: HDMI in/out + Analog in/out
  • EDIUS NX: HDV/DV + SD-Analog-in, SD/HD-Analog out
  • EDIUS SP: HDV/DV + SD-Analog-in, SD/HD-Analog out
  • EDIUS SP-SDI: SD-SDI in/out + HDV/DV + SD-Analog-in, SD/HD-Analog out

Support for EDIUS 7, EDIUS 8, and EDIUS 9 (driver is included in all versions)

  • HD Spark: HDMI out + Audio out
  • HD Spark Pro: SDI out + Audio out
  • Storm Mobile BOB: HDMI in/out + Analog in/out
  • Storm Mobile BAY: HDMI in/out + Analog in/out
Storm 3G Elite: SDI in/out, HDMI in/out + Analog in/out, RS-422