Saul Carassalle shooting in Greenland

My name is Sara Bonatti (46). Together with my colleague Saul Carassalle (48) I am creating content for Italian TV stations. While Saul is the cameraman in our team, I am responsible for the editing.

We work as an independent team mainly shooting and editing documentaries and regional commercials. Our time schedule is often very tight, and we depend on a fast and stable editing solution to not be held up by technical problems or compatibility issues. EDIUS has therefore been the editing solution of our choice for many years. And although I am checking other solutions such as Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve from time to time they have shown not to be an alternative and there has been no reason to change. EDIUS is just the perfect solution for our demand and fast workflow.

Depending on the topic we might be shooting for a few days in Greenland and shortly after that travel to Dubai to cover the launch of a new cruise ship – like we did in November of last year. Different jobs might require completely different camera setup resulting in a number of different file formats. Sometimes I also include some existing corporate footage, motion graphics or other artwork suitable for the project.

Without any technical restraints
EDIUS allows me to do all of that without any technical restraints. I have never needed to convert any type of source footage. I can use any type of camera, any codec and file type with no need to transcode. And I can even automatically mix different framerates and resolutions on one timeline.

EDIUS allows us to be so fast and versatile that we can fully concentrate on the creative process. It is very handy that EDIUS allows us to do a quick rough cut, so that we can share a first impression almost immediately after shooting. We sometimes use that to give the people involved in the production a quick preview and insight into the project.

EDIUS is fast even on standard hardware because the program is very efficient in leveraging hardware resources like Intel QuickSync. I can edit a complex project even on a notebook. Whenever the real time playback might be about to stutter – because of the multitude of video tracks or exceptional high data rates – I can reduce the preview quality. Editing an UHD project I do not even notice any lesser quality on my notebook screen. And of course, exporting the project will always be in full quality.

Ideal solution for ultrafast turnarounds
I am very happy with the new background rendering feature in EDIUS X. Now I can continue my editing work while an already finished section is being exported by EDIUS X as a background job. This makes EDIUS X an ideal solution for ultrafast turnarounds.

The new audio correction filters in EDIUS X have also shown to be very useful. With these some very typical audio problems can quickly be solved, for example the reduction of reverberation.

While we have used different ENG broadcast camcorders in the past we have soon switched to DSLM cameras like the Panasonic GH5s for creative reasons. As EDIUS supports all recording modes natively we can choose whatever fits our needs. And with EDIUS we can also make full use of the wider colour spaces like V-LOG and HLG. The Primary Colour Correction Filter can then automatically convert the image into the desired target colour space like Rec.709 – fully leveraging the great dynamic range of the camera.

With EDIUS I am not bothered by any technical limitations. I feel I can easily try out new creative ideas because EDIUS never slows me down. We have even won several prices for the art direction of our work.

Besides  TV formats we have worked on several low budget documentaries like this one for the Fondazione Leonardo: Di padre in figlio - Documentario Archivio storico OTO Melara (From father to son – Documentary Historical Archive OTO Melara).

Among other competitions we were also awarded the "Festival du cinemà de Paris" prize for our production "In the garden's mind" created for the performer Elisabetta Vittoni.

Powerful and easy to learn
Right now, we are working on the new edition of Mondo Crociera, an Italian TV-Channel covering exciting places all around the world. In one of the first episodes, we will be covering the launch of the new cruise ship MSC VIRTUOSA that took place end of November in Dubai.

EDIUS is not only very powerful, but also easy to learn. I often recommend EDIUS to other filmmakers and I am hearing very positive feedback